Athens: The Hidden Gems (Illustrated)

Athens: The Hidden GemsAthens: The Hidden Gems, a travel memoir that takes you straight to the heart of Athens – a modern European capital rooted in history and legend.

Accompanying you on walks behind the scenes, the author unveils the city, exploring the ancient monuments, its glittering gems, the old Turkish quarter and boulevards.

Mask of Agamemnon

Inspirational Athens

Relishing the city’s atmosphere, fascinated by its people, she is more than familiar with the ground beneath her feet, enjoying the city’s traditions and delights.

A fantastic book…that sheds new light on Athens.
David Crick, Blackwell’s

The book that has inspired me to go to Athens.
Meena Mallik

Monastiraki SquareDespite centuries of wars, political upheavals and rapid Westernisation, the Greek landscape inspires you with awe.

The colour and bustle of the capital, with its fascinating mix of Antiquity and the East, still present in modern everyday life, continually permeate these strolls.

A compelling read for culture lovers.
Viv Vernede

You feel you are walking with the writer – it is a book that will warm your heart.
Costas Boundas

About the Author

Helen Partovi-Fraser accompanied her father, a Classicist, on a summer trip to Athens, where she stayed some years teaching English. Whilst there she learnt Greek and travelled to remote parts of the country.

On returning to England and graduating from London University, she taught in language schools. After her father’s death, in 2013 she returned to Athens with her daughter to rediscover the secrets of this fast-changing city.

Helen Partovi - Author, Athens: The Hidden Gems

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